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    COVID-19 Business Support
    Our team is in an effort to do best to support small businesses of VA and MD
  2. Staunton, VA
    Staunton, VA
    Brew your American Pale Ale or IPA with Honey Hill wet Cascade hops. Enjoy a pleasantly refreshing citrusy flavor with a hint of floral aroma. Grapefruit, citrus-y flavors and aromas Signature hop of many American ales Good for late additions and dry hopping Occasionally used for bittering Typical alpha: 4.5-7.0%
  3. Patricia Stevens
    Patricia Stevens
    Scientifically grown organic Hops with distinguished aroma and look - a solid grounds for sensational hand-crafted beer tasting experience!
Virginia Cascade Hops
Harvest 2020

Join us for our 6th year anniversary in 2020
This year's Honey Hill Hops harvest should be better than ever!
Invite vendors from VA and MD to support and participate!

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  1. Great Food
    Food Trucks, Farmers' Markets April - November
  2. Groups Welcome
    Homebrew Clubs, Craft Brewery Staff and Customers, Reunions
  3. On Site Sports
    Pasture area is available for sports activities
Join us for an event this summmer!
Pick your own fresh hops! 
Get out in the wild today
Enjoy the mesmerizing Blue Ridge mountain skyline while visiting Honey Hill Harvest 2017!

Nothing beats a breath of country air